2010 Population Projections

From the proposed changes to the 2011 Census, to the significant dip in GDP growth from the highs recorded in Q1 and the changing outlook for Canada’s housing market, the summer has certainly been a busy time for those trying to interpret the numbers.  Along with deciphering the flow of recent data, Urban Futures have been busy updating our long-range national and provincial population projections with the most recent fertility, mortality, and migration data.

As an update to the detailed report posted last year entitled Canada to 2058: Projections of Demographic Growth and Change for Canada and its Regions, Urban Futures have now posted a series of tables that reflect our most recent projections on their homepage: www.urbanfutures.com/index.html.

For those interested in the background data and methodology, the full 2009 report can be found in the research http://www.urbanfutures.com/research.html section of the website.

September 9, 2010