More access, reduced waitlist for trades training seats at BCIT

Government is delivering on its commitment in B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint to increase access and reduce waitlists for critical trades training seats by adding 272 seats at the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT). Seats will be available to students as early as September, 2014.

The seats are aligned with the top 12 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trades jobs that include welders, industrial electricians, ironworkers, crane operators and heavy duty equipment mechanics, and will support in-demand jobs needed in other industries.

BCIT will receive $1.35 million from the government of B.C., with $798,000 to fund the additional 272 seats and $553,000 in operating funds for minor equipment such as tools, a small steam boiler, welding equipment, threading machines and other training equipment to support trades students.  Read more….