BCIT-designed medical device wins red dot life sciences award

BCAIU BCIT Products and Process Applied Research TeamImagine a child, sick in hospital, tubes and IV lines crisscrossing her small body. Her parents’ worry is compounded by a feeling of helplessness, of being separated from their child by the mass of medical tubing between them. Not only are the lines distressing and difficult to manage, but they also pose a strangulation risk, particularly for children aged between six and 36 months. Nevertheless, they are essential: literal lifelines for many children facing medical treatment.

That was the challenge presented to designers from BCIT’s Products and Process Applied Research Team by clients at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Designers Thom Bellaire and Theresia Fladl created a lightweight wearable device for babies and small children that manages intravenous lines and other medical tubing. By containing the lines in a wearable tubing harness, the risk of strangulation, the stress of dealing with entangled lines, and the fear of hurting the baby can be reduced.  Read more…..