BCIT's Medical Radiography program is now equipped w/ newly upgraded equipment – thanks to an anonymous donor

Anonymous donor gifts Medical Radiography lab with new equipment

Thanks to an anonymous donor, students and faculty in the Medical Radiography program—and others—are now teaching and learning on newly upgraded equipment

A generous donation allowed the department to remove what faculty member Vanessa Crawford describes as an “old relic,” and replace the dated machine with a digital, state-of-the-art X-ray unit.

“It is a fully-functioning unit and does emit real X-rays,” says Vanessa. “The new digital machine does not have X-ray plates as the old one did. We are now a strictly digital department and no longer use film in any capacity.”

The new equipment was moved into a renovated digital radiography lab in SW1 on the Burnaby Campus. A computed radiography room was also upgraded.  Read more….