Canadians want better LMI they can find and understand

In 2018, LMIC launched a major public opinion research project  to better understand the diverse labour market information (LMI) needs of Canadians. The first phase of our release allows users to examine and interact with the survey’s main findings for five user groups. For each group, you can investigate how easy it is to find and understand LMI, as well as the top LMI needs and challenges.  Read more…….

PACE Report: Tracking the Trackers – Mozilla Collusion

Collusion is a Firefox Add-On developed by Mozilla that visualizes who is tracking you on-line.  Data tracking is pervasive and is happening without the knowledge or consent of Internet users.  In this project, researchers from Emily Carr redesigned and implemented changes to the Collusion Add-On so the complex data becomes visually elegant and easy to comprehend. Download the pdf report Emily Carr SIM (Mozilla Collusion)

PACE Report: Hand Hygiene for Health

Using Interaction Design to boost compliance. The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has made hand sanitization compliance a priority, yet the goal of 100% has not been reached.  An Emily Carr 3rd year Communication Design class was asked to consider the problem and suggest solutions.  Two solutions were selected for implementation:  an innovative print-based campaign and an interactive solution. Download the pdf report Emily Carr HDL (VCH HH)

PACE Report: Young Adults needed for a Healthy Rural Canada

Young adults are the essential ingredient for successful rural revitalization. Attracting young adults to rural areas for employment and to establish families is a goal of many of Canada’s rural communities. Yet, these communities often struggle due to limited knowledge on what motivates young adults’ relocation decisions. The purpose of this study is to assess the attractiveness of living in rural areas from the perspectives of young adults. Download the pdf report VIU Young Adults in Rural Areas

PACE Report: Vancouver Island University student's research informs the World Tourism Organization on visa policy development.

Visa policies are among the most important governmental formalities influencing international tourism. In association with national and international governing bodies, the World Tourism Organization conducts research on visa policies, international tourism markets and visa processing technology to assist countries and regions maximize tourism growth. Download the pdf report VIU Visa Policy

PACE Report: Tourism market research by VIU Coop Student

Student gathers visitor data Tourism destinations need to understand their visitors in order to respond appropriately with marketing investments. As there is no system in BC to gather ongoing data, this can be difficult. Destination development experts in Tofino and Nanaimo decided to work together and hire a VIU student with research expertise to design and gather data on their visitors in the summer of 2013.  Nichola, an experienced undergraduate researcher, fit their needs perfectly. Download the pdf report VIU Tourism Market Research

PACE Report: Protected Areas and Poverty Reduction

PAPR:  A Canada-Africa Research and Learning Alliance Alleviating rural poverty and ensuring environmental sustainability are two of the biggest issues facing the planet. They are fundamentally and inextricably linked – extreme poverty inhibits environmental sustainability and degraded natural environments exacerbate rural poverty. Vancouver Island University researchers are part of an international team that is addressing this issue.  Download the pdf report VIU Protected Areas and Poverty Reduction

PACE Report: Students contribute to BC Resort Community Labour Market Project

Vancouver Island University tourism students Erin Heeney and Shannon Bence were involved in a five person research team to study the Tourism Labour Market in BC’s resort communities. The project was led by go2, BC’s Tourism Human Resource Society to increase the competitiveness of the resort communities with respect to the supply of labour. Download the pdf report VIU BC Resort Communities

PACE Report: Do Seasonal Workers Enhance Agriculture?

The Impacts of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) on Chilliwack Agriculture This research investigates the how low cost labour has influenced agricultural diversification and productivity in the eastern Fraser Valley. It shows that the results are increased competiveness, crop diversification, productivity and area under production. Download the pdf report UFV – Impact of SAWP on Agriculture