Emily Carr's S3D Centre Creates First Variable High Frame Rate Live Action Film


Research conducted at our Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) Centre investigates the use of variable frame rates with the production of “L’ ÂME SOEUR (SOULMATES) 3D”. The short film incorporates scenes at 24, 48, and 60 fps to demonstrate the creative potential of using variable frame rates within a narrative context.

The S3D Centre’s variable HFR research offers the creative community a valuable exploration of how variable frame rates can be used to tell compelling stories. Motion artifacts such as judder and blur are often visible at standard frame rates like the 24fps of traditional cinema. Productions shot at higher frame rates create a different viewing experience by showing fine movement detail — instead of more resolution in the image there is more resolution in time. The Centre’s research into variable frame rates suggests that the choice of frame rate can influence viewer comfort and become another cue in the perception of narrative in live action films.

View example of HFR video here  By Emily Carr S3D