Executive compensation at UFV

UFV students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community,

You may be aware of recent media attention given to the salaries of university executives. I am writing to assure you that UFV has followed all of the rules on this matter, is fully transparent, and would welcome an external review. The allegation of UFV executive overcompensation is simply not true, and is both disappointing and damaging to UFV.

UFV executive compensation is paid within a plan approved by the Board, and is fully disclosed. The disclosure includes total base salary, plus employer-paid pension contributions, benefits, severance, vacation payouts, and all other compensation, including retirement allowances and administrative leaves paid-out in the fiscal year.

The misunderstanding on this issue featured in the media has arisen from the difference between total base salary alone, versus total compensation, which includes base salary plus the other forms of compensation listed above.

UFV is committed to educational excellence, fiscal responsibility, and performing our government-mandated responsibilities with great care and attention. The number of administrative positions and allocation of funding for administration at UFV is already among the very lowest for post-secondary institutions in the province.  Our executive compensation report may be found at: http://www.ufv.ca/media/assets/human-resources/2014_Colleges_ExecComp_UFV_Final_Web.pdf


Barry Delaney, Chair

UFV Board of Governors