Learning to live – Kwantlen launches adult literacy programs across the South Fraser Region

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is partnering with community service agencies to expand an existing community-based literacy initiative in Langley to additional regions of Surrey and Richmond. Literacy is defined as the ability to understand and use printed material in daily activities – at home, in the community and at work. However, 40% of adults in BC do not have the necessary skills to read a newspaper, understand a lease, read a map or fill out a work application form, and 37% of Canadian adults have low literacy skills. A literate person might be able to read and write short and simple statements, but a functionally literate member of society can participate in all the activities required for democratic engagement, economic stability and community development.

Community adult literacy programming (CALP) is funded by the Province of BC to promote and deliver adult literacy services across the province. Non-profit agencies are partnering with KPU experts to deliver programs across the South Fraser Region to ensure adult newcomers to Canada (live-in caregivers, families, refugees and other high-needs clients) can improve their quality of life, earn sufficient income, participate in their children’s education, understand current events, and enjoy leisure and recreational pursuits. Come join a program near you!