Dr. Alan Davis

Dr. Davis has studied and worked at well-known institutions in the UK, United States and Canada, and has played leadership roles at the British Columbia Open University, Athabasca University, Niagara College and Vancouver Community College. Most recently, Dr. Davis held the position of President at State University of New York, Empire State College in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Dr. Davis has extensive teaching experience at colleges and universities across Western Canada, including Athabasca University, Vancouver Community College, Douglas College and Fraser Valley College.

A native of Reading, England, Dr. Davis has lived in North America since 1972, and spent the majority of these years in British Columbia. He earned his Ph.D. and Master of Science in Chemistry from Simon Fraser University, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with honours, from the University of London.

In addition to his extraordinary academic contributions through publications and presentations, Dr. Davis is a published playwright who has worked extensively in Community Theater. He is married with four children.

Dr. Davis’ innovative, transformative and ambitious vision will serve Kwantlen well as it continues to attract top students from around the world.

He succeeds John McKendry who has served as President since July 2011.