Ruth Wittenberg, Past President, 2010 – 2022

Ruth Wittenberg was appointed President of the BC Association of Institutes + Universities in January 2010. This Association represents a group of public post-secondary institutions that offer a range of post-secondary education, ranging from trades and technical training to masters degrees in specialty areas. The role of the President is to provide counsel to members on strategies and approaches to government to represent members points of view on policy, legislation, or other actions; coordinate research and develop information material to support members views, or as a response to government requests; forecast and evaluate the effects of public policy on members and keep them informed of developments.

Ms. Wittenberg has a BA from the University of Victoria (1979).

Prior to her current position, Ms. Wittenberg was employed by the British Columbia Public Service from 1981 until she assumed the role of the BC Association of Institutes + Universities President. Ms. Wittenberg has held positions in the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development (Assistant Deputy Minister, Post Secondary Education Division), Ministry of Education (Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Services Division), the Ministry of Human Resources (Assistant Deputy Minister, Financial and Administrative Services), the Ministry of Finance (Chief Information Officer), the Ministry of Transportation (Manager, Financial Systems and Policy), and at Treasury Board Staff (analyst).